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SharePoint Strategy

SharePoint Strategy



We have years of real world experience evaluating SharePoint, and understanding how it can help you meet or improve your business objectives. We know that SharePoint is not the answer to everything, and are not scared to tell you that. We can help your organisation to effectively evaluate, strategize and plan the role of SharePoint within your organisation from creating executive awareness through to strategy roadmaps, and high level platform and solutions delivery plans.


By focusing on your requirements and organisational vision, Knowledge Cue can provide architecture and consulting necessary for deploying a secure and well managed SharePoint platform that can be used across the enterprise. We provide infrastructure and network architecture design and guidance for small-to-medium and large enterprise SharePoint farm deployments, as well as solution architecture and guidance for the configuration, development, and integration of SharePoint solutions.


As a specialist consultancy, focused only on SharePoint, we have great flexibility with our approach to deployment. We can take a traditional approach using our skilled team, and follow a software development life cycle; or work with you as part of a shared project team collaborating with your teams whilst training and mentoring them. We can plan and support a delivery and deployment approach that best supports your organisation, especially where you are looking to build and develop in house capability to control and manage your SharePoint platform and solutions.


One of the most critical parts of a SharePoint solution is the buzz it creates when nearing deployment, and when users start their first interaction with the SharePoint solution. We can ensure that your organisation is on track and has the right mix of training and user support, along with change management communication and feedback mechanisms that will enhance the overall experience and position you better to respond to your users.


Key to the success of any SharePoint deployment is continuous improvement. Our on-going partnership and engagement ensures that you are constantly improving your business solutions, offering real business value and growth by leveraging the investments in the SharePoint platform.


Every project SharePoint or otherwise requires planning. In our experience when it comes to SharePoint you need to have a solid planning framework to cover what your project is going to deliver for your organisation. It may be Document Management, Search and Collaboration sites or an Extranet network for your partners, whatever the case maybe each SharePoint project should be approached with the confidence that you can deliver on a scalable and robust platform.

Our expertise provides you with the assurance and experience of a proven planning framework to cover all aspects and how to approach each different SharePoint segment. We ensure that you are provided with tools, templates and the Training crucial to the planning stage of your project. Our collaborative approach means that your team is trained and coached to carry out the project envisioning and planning with the most accurate information.